Zest Lets

The Zest brand has been designed to reflect the fresh and vibrant approach that we believe is missing from the current lettings market. It gets a reaction from everyone who see’s the logo and the boards have been described as a ‘fashion statement’. We believe a lettings board should stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

Zest aims to be provide exceptional service and professional advice to both landlords and tenants. For a limited time we can offer our services without the need to pay VAT which equates to a 17.5% discount straight away.

Zest Lets covers all areas in and around Merseyside and are looking forward to changing the way Lettings is perceived.

Zest Lets offers a ‘Fresh approach to Lettings’

Address: 7 Litherland Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L20 3BY

Phone: 0151 933 7303

Email us at: info@zestlets.co.uk

Our Website: www.zestlets.co.uk

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