Flatsharing - Find a room or flatmate and arrange a flatshare

Flat sharing is becoming quite a phenomenon on the internet, allowing people to find like minded individuals with whom to share a flat, house or other property.

Websites specialising in flatsharing services will usually show adverts from both sides of the arrangement - ie people who have a flat or house with room(s) they wish to share with others or people looking for the benefits of sharing part of a flat rather than taking on a full property themselves.

Flatshare arrangements save the flatmates money as they share the rent and bills. By using a flat mate matching service you can also ensure your new flatmate shares your views on cleanliness, smoking, partying etc.

As the bulk of flats and apartments tend to be in the centre of town a flatshare can be a cost effective way to the city living lifestyle you are looking for. In addition, as a roommate you can sample city living via a flatshare before taking on the bigger commitment of owning/renting your own flat. And if it works well then offering a flatshare yourself will help you afford your own flat.

Houseshare - Find roommates for your empty rooms or a house to share

A houseshare is exactly the same as a flateshare with perhaps a few subtle differences. Due to the lack of houses in most city/town centres you will find that most houseshares tend to be in the suburbs. Also, whereas most flats will tend to be 2, possibly 3, bedrooms and one lounge a house looking for housemates could be offering a number of rooms and there may also be more communal/shared areas.

Our Flatshare / Houseshare service - finding you the perfect roommate

UK Property Search will soon be bringing you details of people looking to flat/house share in your area. Details of housemates and flat shares will updated daily so please bookmark this page for future reference.

Advantages to people with a room to offer: Save money on advertising in the local press; save time on showing people around as they will have seen pictures of the flat or house and room and read all about you before they make contact; get to choose people you will get on with.

Advantages to those seeking a room: Get to see the house/flat, 'your' room and your new flatmate online before you even set out on a viewing; only choose to share with compatible people who share your interests.